Let God stir the waters of your life

by Tiffany Bretana

I saw a stirring of water, I sense changes are coming. Choose to speak to the waters of your life with the water of the word. Change the murkiness of the waters of your life with the eternal written word and the rhema word of the Spirit. The analogy the Lord is giving me, is like a cup that has dirty water in it and the more pure water you put in it, dilutes the water already in the cup, and as you keep pouring more and more pure water in it, the more clear and purified becomes the cup of water. The Lord is also putting me to remembrance of Hannah and how she poured out her heart to the Lord.

I see a picture of a tongue being pierced. Choose TODAY to crucify the words of your mouth. Speak only what I have given you and spoken regarding yourself, your family, and all those around you.

I see you are in a house, and there is a stranger that is attempting to enter your house, it seems that this person has a key. But the locks have been changed so that this stranger may NOT enter. And I sense the Father saying, when you have taken up My thoughts and My ways, the stranger who has affected you may not enter anymore. My sheep hear My voice and the voice of the stranger they shall not follow, John 10:5.

James 4:7 So submit to the authority of God. Resist the devil, stand firm against him and he will flee from you.

1 Peter 3:1 In the same way, you wives, be submissive to your own husbands subordinate, not as inferior, but out of respect for the responsibilities entrusted to husbands and their accountability to God, and so partnering with them so that even if some do not obey the word of God, they may be won over to Christ without discussion by the godly lives of their wives… submit to the Lord.

As you have believed, be it onto you, says the Father. I will never leave you, nor will I ever forsake you, says the Lord.

The God Who hears

OCTOBER 18, 2016 

by Eliza van der Merwe 

This is what the Father is saying today. 

My beloved when you seek Me you will find Me. I am not a far off God, no I am not somewhere out there where you can’t find Me! Many think they can’t reach Me and that I am a God who doesn’t care about their lives and they believe all the lies about how I only need you to do ect. and what lies they are always spreading about Me. Their religious ways keep them from knowing Me truly. 

But this day I say to you, I am as close as you want Me to be. The desire of your heart will not be withheld from you. I delight in giving you the desire of your heart. Believe Me when I say I am with you and will never leave you.

I am always listening with an attentive ear. Even those prayer you are not aware of and words fail you to express what you trying to say. I tell you the truth it will not be denied. 

I love you My child. I am listening. Keep talking. Always know I will answer even if it is not in a way you expected. My ways are not your ways. I know at times you are caught of guard by the means by which I answer. I love keeping things interesting and being involved in your life. 

I want you to know I am willing able and always ready to help. There is no other way I would have it! I am proud of you!

OCTOBER 17, 2016


October 17, 2016
by Eliza van der Merwe

This is what the Father is saying today.

My child can you feel My affection towards you?

Do you really know that I love you?

Why are you then feeling so rejected and left out?

Don’t you know that you’re accepted in THE BELOVED?

I have accepted you and nothing can change that! I am right there when you think you are going to fail and fall. I am aware of every step you take. I am your HEALER!

When you see others moving forward and experiencing their promises manifested know you’re next. I’M NOT A RESPECTER OF A PERSON! I love all equally without limits!


Know today I am working in your life. I will bring all to completion. That which you gave up on is still very much alive before Me. I say today to you I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU! No I am working and who can stop it!!


I am ready to perform My words in your life!
Believe only! Keep confessing My words in your situation, because they bring the changes you are longing for. Begin to walk into those promises like they are already come to past. Soon you will look back and see how all workout for your good!