The Lord is Calling His Sons back Home

By Maili Super

As I was praying I saw a small boy standing next to a pond, skipping rocks. The Lord was speaking with the boy in the stillness, telling him that when he was grown that the Lord had a BIG job for him to do. The little boy does not really understand what his heavenly Father is saying to him, but quickly agrees with the Father and says yes Lord what ever you need for me to do.

As the little boy reaches teenage years he had forgotten all about the promise that he had made to the Father, BUT the Father Never forgot the promise made to Him by His son. He continues to grow and the boy would sometimes even hear the Lord speak to him, but the boy was just having fun for the moment. The boy even gets into a bit of trouble, in the name of Fun.

The boy now in his 20’s and the Lord makes his call known to the boy. The Lord speaks to his heart and reminds him of the day at the pond when he made that commitment so many years before. The boy tells the Lord, but Lord I have been rebellious, and I have gone my own way. How is it now that you call me to do your work? Lord no one will listen to me. No one will take me seriously.

The Lord speaks to him deep in his heart and tells him that He will be the one that puts the words into his mouth. He will be the one that cause others to stop and listen, and that He was the one that qualifies men. The Lord tells this boy I have Chosen you, before the foundations of time, I told you this, as a small child that I had need of you to do a great work for Me. Will you now deny Me?

The boy hangs his head and agrees with the Lord. You are right, he told the Lord and I am a man of my word, so here I am Lord. The Lord tells the man that He called him to be a Preacher. That He was going to make a huge impact on all those that he touched, by the words that the Lord gave him. And the Lord followed through with His promise to the boy to make him more than he could ever imagine. For the remainder of his life he served the Lord preaching and touching all that he came into contact with until the end of his days.

The Lord gave me this word about my childhood pastor, but said this word was spoken over many others, that have the call placed on their life. I feel the Lord is calling many Men to the forefronts of their destiny, and others the Lord is calling back to Him. He is placing His voice in their hearts and calling them from near and far to complete the work He has called them to do. The Lord is reminding them, of who they are in Him, and tugging at their hearts to complete the Good work He started in them. The Lord is both calling those that have not started their journey, in ministry, and to the prodigal son to bring them back home. And just like the boy from this word the Lord promised to uphold His covenant over His Sons Forever! AMEN!

Jeremiah 1:4-8
4 Then the word of the Lord came to me, saying:
5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;
Before you were born I sanctified you;
I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”
6 Then said I:
“Ah, Lord God!
Behold, I cannot speak, for I am a youth.”
7 But the Lord said to me:
“Do not say, ‘I am a youth,’
For you shall go to all to whom I send you,
And whatever I command you, you shall speak.
8 Do not be afraid of their faces,
For I am with you to deliver you,” says the Lord.

Isaiah 55:6-7 (NKJV)

6 Seek the Lord while He may be found,
Call upon Him while He is near.
7 Let the wicked forsake his way,
And the unrighteous man his thoughts;
Let him return to the Lord,
And He will have mercy on him;
And to our God,
For He will abundantly pardon.

Return to Sender

By Maili Super

As I was praying I saw a huge stack of envelopes on a desk. Each one of these envelopes represented a bill. Debts that were unexpected and being bombarded on the children of the Lord. Then the Lord showed me that each one of these bills had a hand written red letters RTS (Return to Sender) written on them. The Lord said those things that the enemy has loaded you down with, these distractions that have come into light, to cause your faith to waiver, and you stand on shaky legs. He is RETURNING these things BACK to Sender. The Lord is going to show Himself strong on your behalf. He is reversing things both in the natural and the spiritual. Things will not be the same because the Lord is returning to save His Bride and there is Nothing the enemy can to stop this from happening.

Isaiah 14:27 For the Lord of hosts has decided and planned, and who can annul it? His hand is stretched out, and who can turn it back?” 

Job 42:2 “I know that You can do all things, And that no thought or purpose of Yours can be restrained. 

1 Corinthians 2:9 but just as it is written in Scripture, “Things which the eye has not seen and the ear has not heard, And which have not entered the heart of man, All that God has prepared for those who love Him who hold Him in affectionate reverence, who obey Him, and who gratefully recognize the benefits that He has bestowed.” 


By Tiffany Bretana

The other day while in prayer, I heard the Father say …… He loves Me, He loves Me not. 

The Father is saying, why are My children questioning My love for them. I am NOT a man that I should lie. I am NOT subject to the fall of man. It is MY love for you that constrains Me to good works toward you. I am NOT sitting on My throne seeking whom I may disqualify to receive of Me. I have qualified ALL those whom believe I have sent My Son-Christ Jesus, to die in your place, to REDEEM you. You have been purchased with a great, great price. The precious blood of Jesus, The Ram caught in a thicket, slain before the foundation of the world. I foresaw the end from the beginning. My Word is My bond, I swear to My own hurt, and do not change My Mind. 

How will I not give you all other things, if I have given you My son? 

Numbers 23:19 “God is not a man, that He should lie, Nor a son of man, that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do it? Or has He spoken and will He not make it good and fulfill it? 

Psalm 15:4 But he honors those who fear the Lord and obediently worship Him with awe-inspired reverence and submissive wonder. He keeps his word even to his own disadvantage and does not change it for his own benefit

Romans 8:32-35 He who did not spare even His own Son, but gave Him up for us all, how will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things? Who will bring any charge against God’s elect His chosen ones? It is God who justifies us declaring us blameless and putting us in a right relationship with Himself. Who is the one who condemns us? Christ Jesus is the One who died to pay our penalty, and more than that, who was raised from the dead, and who is at the right hand of God interceding with the Father for us. Who shall ever separate us from the love of Christ? Will tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? 

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Be Still in Your Spirit

By Maili Super

As I was praying the other day, I saw a person stuck in a hallway with many doors in it, but all of the doors were sealed shut. This person felt so alone and at first she was frantic thinking I am STUCK in this hallway all of these doors and none of them will open. She was climbing the walls, frantic kicking the doors and screaming. There were other times that she would sit on the floor of the hallway and just cry. Her thoughts were that she had been left here in this place all alone, forgotten about, and abandoned.

The longer that she stayed in the hallway a mysterious thing started to happen. The Lord started speaking unto her heart wooing her softly and pulling her closer to Him and the sound of His voice. The Lord would speak sweet words into her ears and tell her how beautiful she was and how much He loved her. He was drawing her into His love, she had been so hurt and broken that no one could console her, except the love of her Father. He was so gentle with her, He worked with in her boundaries until she could understand that there was so much more to the call that the Lord had upon her life. It was beyond her and the life she lived for the Lord had made her a light that the enemy had tried to extinguish.

He showed me this girl was learning how to love again. Not with a cheap love that the world has to offer, but with an agape, unconditional kind of love that can only come from the Lord. He was causing life to come back over her, refreshing her soul, and giving her back the fire of the Lord. The Lord spoke to her softly and slowly, and explained “I have created you with a deep compassion for those that hurt, that you will cause healing to many others, for this is the gift I have placed in you. The enemy tried to crush you because he knew if you ever got free of the bondage that you would wreak havoc in his camps of confusion.

As the girl was in a quiet contentment, singing praises to the Lord that had given to her a new identity, out of no where she heard the familiar sound of a dead bolt unlocking. Then there was a strong gust of wind of the spirit and all of the doors blew open. The Lord showed her, see now there are many doors to choose from, only one of the doors is to your destiny, however, take my hand and I will lead you to the RIGHT door.

As she walked into the door it was MORE than she ever expected. I can only describe it as looking like something off of the Wizard of Oz. She knew the Lord had blessed her more abundantly than she could have ever dreamed to ask for. And the Lord delighted in giving it to her because she was HIS Daughter, HIS Beloved.

He explained at this moment to His daughter that He had to heal the damage done to her heart before allowing her to move forward into her destiny or it would have been a weight that she could not have managed to bear. He told her as she got quiet in her spirit that He could repair damage that the enemy had done to her. He could fill her with His strength and fortitude to follow through with the dreams He had for her. This was His Gift, that she was in the hallway for so long because if she had entered into  her destiny any time before she did, the enemy would have tried to plunder the good given to her. The Lord explained to her that now she was a fortified city, built on the Rock of Him, and that no one could ever take the land away from her.

2 Corinthians 9:8 (NKJV)

And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.

Your Value is Worth More than Your Weight in Gold

By Maili Super

A word from the Lord to some of you:

As I was praying, I saw a farmer carrying two buckets of water one of them had a lot of holes in it and the other seemed to be perfect. Every day the farmer would go to the well and dip these two bucket into the well to pull water but the bucket with the holes would start to leak almost immediately. Every time the farmer would reach the house the bucket with the holes was empty and he would be set it down on the back porch and the other bucket would be taken into the house.

The Lord said the bucket with the holes in it is like many of my children. They feel like they are flawed and that they have many holes. They feel like the work they do for me is ineffective, thus they get placed on the back porch. This could be farther from the truth. Then the vision panned out and He showed me that the seeds He had planted and how this bucket had been watering the seeds along the path that He walked daily. There were blooms of the most beautiful most fragrant flowers that you could ever imagine. And the grass was so green and plush that it looked like a great place to have a picnic or lay in the grass for a nap.

The Lord said Child there is nothing wrong with you I have created you to get filled by the watering of my word and spirit, and then you in turn, water those that I place in your path. This is the job that I have created you to do, you are meant to water those for whatever reason may not ever make in into a church building. I called you to be a voice for the voiceless, to defend, and bring new life to the lifeless.

The Lord is saying that the watering that comes from you will be different, from this day forward. It will be more like a sprinkle rather than like a stream of water. I feel you will stay full longer. This is great thing for you because you feel so depleted now. The Lord is showing me that you look more like “Fine China” rather than the feeling of being an old rusty bucket set out in the back porch. That the vase you have become will sit on the table of kings. He is molding and shaping you to be the fine master piece, that you are. I am hearing the Lord say you are My Priceless Masterpiece.

The Lord reminded me of great works of art that have been tossed aside for decades, sometimes the person even died before the work of art was revealed, as a literary work of art. He said this is Not your portion. He is saying you will enjoy the fruits that the Lord is bringing….and boy will it be good. The gift I am bring to you will cause you to be star struck. Revelation will chase you down and overtake you. Provision will seek you out and find you. For this is the portion I give to my children. Hold on dear child for your latter years will be grander than what you see today. I have set these things in motion already. Get ready to see things on a grander scale for you have been tested and tried by the scales of justice, and the chaff and dross have been burnt away revealing the Gold that you are, because of Me.

Psalm 139:23-24 (NKJV)

23 Search me, O God, and know my heart;
Try me, and know my anxieties;
24 And see if there is any wicked way in me,
And lead me in the way everlasting.


By Tiffany Bretana 
I saw in a vision, a person submerge under water, then resurface again. I knew the Lord was referring to baptism. In baptism, we have died with Christ, and when we resurface we are a new creation and share in His resurrection. 

My intention in this is NOT to get in a debate about water baptism, whether it’s better to get dunked or sprinkled. There are many examples in the Bible, as a type and shadow, explaining these things. Honestly, it’s a heart issue between yourself and God.

We read in Romans 12:2, And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. 

Notice there are 3 distinctions made here: (I submit, ankle deep was when we received Jesus as our Savior, see below)

1. the good

2. acceptable

3. and the perfect will of God.  

In Ezekiel 47, the chapter is titled in AMP, Water from the Temple. In verse 3-5, we read …… When the man went out toward the east with a measuring line in his hand, he measured a thousand cubits, and he led me through the water, water that was ankle-deep. Again he measured a thousand cubits and led me through the water, water that was knee-deep. Again he measured a thousand cubits and led me through the water, water reaching the hips. Again he measured a thousand cubits; and it was a river that I could not pass through, for the water had risen, enough water to swim in, a river that could not be crossed by wading. 

-4 levels-

1. Ankle

2. Knee

3. Hips

4. Above your head 

How much of the Lord are you content in living in/with? A sprinkling of the Word occasionally, a dip to your knees, or a full immersion into the full stature of Christ?  

Romans 6:1-7 

What shall we say to all this? Should we continue in sin and practice sin as a habit so that God’s gift of grace may increase and overflow? Certainly not! How can we, the very ones who died to sin, continue to live in it any longer? 

✨Or are you ignorant of the fact that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into His death?✨

✨We have therefore been buried with Him through baptism into death, so that just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory and power of the Father, we too might walk habitually in newness of life abandoning our old ways.✨ 

✨For if we have become one with Him permanently united in the likeness of His death, we will also certainly be one with Him and share fully in the likeness of His resurrection. ✨

We know that our old self our human nature without the Holy Spirit was nailed to the cross with Him, in order that our body of sin might be done away with, so that we would no longer be slaves to sin. For the person who has died with Christ has been freed from the power of sin. 

*separation for emphasis

Heavenly Father, 

Whatever level we are at now, we pray you would meet us there and draw us in deeper intimacy and higher into Your calling and purposes for our lives. Continually draw us deeper and deeper in You, that when they see us or are around us, they too will sense Your Presence feel their heart burning within them, and that the longing of their heart will be to be drawn deeper as well to KNOW You personally and intimately.  

in Jesus’ name! Amen 

Destiny Is Calling

By Maili Super

The Lord has been speaking to me about the swirling lies of accusation that the enemy has been releasing against the children of the Lord. The enemy knows he is losing ground that the wisdom of revelation is coming over us, even in this hour. The Lord is saying, I will Never leave you without the answers that you seek, no matter how it looks in the natural. The Lord is releasing both visions by day and dreams by night to guide us into our victory.

The Lord is saying the back building of pressure of things that the enemy has held away from us is so great and the wall that he built can’t sustain the weight of the blessing that are crashing through. The enemy is raging, he is fighting back, throwing accusations, and trying to get us to come into agreement with his lies. But the Lord is saying that the pressure we are feeling, is the breakthrough happening. It is the unearthing of the promise that the enemy tried to bury to keep it for himself. It is not always a neat and clean process to unearthing things, but He is bringing forth Truth as these things are uncovered.

The Lord is saying to us, stand in what I have Promised to you, because you know that I am not a man that I would lie. I gave to you the vision and the promise long before the enemy viciously kept attacking you to try to steal what is rightfully yours. I say stand up My Love and tell the enemy to flee, that he can’t have your promise. These promises are more than just a promise but a covenant that I have made with you, in the same way I did this for Abraham. I have promised you the Land, and this promised still stands. I have plans to prosper and not to harm you. I have given to you promises that no man can take from you, and the only tactic that the enemy has is to try to discourage you from fulfilling the call I have placed upon you. As you take My Hand, I will show you the steps that need to be met. I will take you down the road that leads to the direct path, to arrive in your destiny.

Esther 4:14 (NKJV)

For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

The Great Shake Up is to Wake Up

By Maili Super

The pressure has been on this week. When I asked the Lord what this is about and why there was so much pressure in the air these days. I heard it is the back pressure in the atmosphere building. He again showed me a vision of a dam wall with a crack, the pressure then turns the crack into a hole, then pieces start breaking free, then the back pressure builds until the whole dam wall collapses.

The Lord was showing me that the dam was never suppose to be built in this place, it was meant to be a free flowing river of blessing. The enemy built this dam to hold back the blessings of the Lord from ever reaching us, but the Lord is shaking this wall to its very foundation. The enemy has held these blessings too long in reserve, the back pressure of the weight of blessing that is coming our way is back building and wreaking havoc on the very wall standing between us and the blessing on the other side of that wall.

The Lord reminded me that He is shaking things up in this day. Things may look like a mess when He shakes them up, but it is the way that the Lord will expose things that have been done by the unrighteous to hinder or prevent His children from receiving their FULL inheritance. The Lord reminded me that this week on 4/18/17 was the 111th year anniversary of the Great Earthquake of 1906 in California. There are tons of examples of the Prophetic meaning of the number 111, but the most commonly used is the Synchronicity between Heaven and Earth. I believe it is the invasion of Heaven into our earthly lives for the return of the blessing that was stolen from us and from our ancestors before us. I feel the Lord is saying that there is a Great Shake up to Wake Up those still asleep to what is going on today, and to expose things that have been done wrongly. I feel the excitement of Heaven getting ready for the fulfillment of the Generation that the Lord has called up to the frontlines to receive their restored glory and honor, to God be the Glory.


By Tiffany Bretana 

I saw in a vision, an assembly line conveyor belt. It was stamping stamps of approval on certificates. 

The Lord is saying there is manmade seals of approval but there is a seal of approval that comes from above that doesn’t rust or that will burn away. Many are looking for the approval of heads of ministries or ministry farms that once recognized by them they are positioned for stardom. Some of you have been questioning if you’ve been given God’s seal of approval? The Lord is says the questioning within is a confirmation you have. Those who seek for His approval FIRST AND FOREMOST shall not want or lack for nothing. 

Matthew 6:33 But first and most importantly seek aim at, strive after His kingdom and His righteousness His way of doing and being right—the attitude and character of God, and all these things will be given to you also. 

Psalm 37:5-6 Commit your way to the Lord; Trust in Him also and He will do it. He will make your righteousness your pursuit of right standing with God like the light, And your judgment like the shining of the noonday sun. 

Sunday is Coming

By Maili Super

As I was praying I saw a vision from one of my favorite movies “It’s a Wonderful Life” the part when George Bailey says “You want the moon I will lasso it for you and bring it down.” The Lord showed me that George like many of us early in life had Huge dreams and goals for himself, in his youth. Well as life goes one thing after another happened to old George and he becomes more and more “settled” in a New way of life. In other words, he was forced to settle for what life had handed him and tried to make the best of it.

The Lord was showing me that most of us feel that in some ways life’s twists and turns had landed us in situations that we could not negate our responsibilities. So we put those Big dreams on the shelf to collect dust, thinking one day we could pull them down and dust the off, but it never happened. The Lord says I am rejuvenating you, I am revitalizing you to accomplish More than you had hoped for, because those dream were from Me.

make (someone or something) look or feel younger, fresher, or more lively.
synonyms: revive, revitalize, regenerate, breathe new life into, revivify, re-energize, reanimate, resuscitate, refresh, reawaken, put new life into

imbue (something) with new life and vitality.
synonyms: reinvigorate, re-energize, boost, regenerate, revive, revivify, rejuvenate, reanimate, resuscitate, refresh, stimulate, breathe new life into

The Lord is saying had the enemy known all that would have been accomplished through the work of the cross that he would have thought twice before hanging the Lord, on that tree, that faithful day. The enemy was celebrating on Friday and even on Saturday for he thought that he had won the war. BUT SUNDAY is Coming when the Lord rises from that grave, and in all of His Glory and Splendor. The enemy could not stop what happened that day 2000 years ago, and he can’t stop what the Lord is doing for us in this very day either. The Lord was rejuvenated and revitalized in the twinkling of an eye. He is showing me this is the same manner that He is going to do this, for us. Those dreams that were “lost” so very long ago, the Lord is digging those things up from the grave, for those desires from Him are NOT DEAD they were just sleeping, until the Lord calls for them to wake up and stand at attention at the forefront of our lives.

The Lord is waking us up to the calling He has placed in our lives. He is rousing us from our sleep, and calling forth those Destinies. The Lord is wiping the sleep from our eyes and giving us eyes to see things we have never before seen. He is rejuvenating and revitalizing us for the work we must do for Him. He is giving us back the strength and dreams of our youth and setting us back on the path of righteousness, for the sake of the Cross. He is declaring Isaiah 61 over our lives. Telling us what is it that you desire, the Moon? I will throw a lasso around it and bring it down to you, because I love you.

Psalm 138:7 (NKJV)

Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive me;
You will stretch out Your hand
Against the wrath of my enemies,
And Your right hand will save me.