Appointment with God

Written by Eliza van der Merwe

This is what the Father is saying today.

Many are waiting for the “Prophets” to come to town.  At times I will use who I choose to speak through. But I want to speak to you directly. Sharing My heart and thoughts with you.  You are My Beloved sons and daughters. 

I enjoy looking in your eyes seeing the expressions on your face. I enjoy listening to your voice. My Child, I cannot get enough of you. It brings Me such pleasure as Your Father to spend time with you.

My Beloved, I want to you hear what I am saying today. You don’t need to wait. No you can come and ask Me and I will answer you. I want you to come and listen for yourself.

I want to build an intimate relationship with you. I don’t want you to seek Me through others. I want you to seek Me directly. There is so much I want to reveal to you. Make time and come and prepare your heart to receive.

Don’t just seek My hand but seek My face as well. I will come and meet with you. There is a time for everything. Just as you set time apart for what is important to you, set time apart to come into the secret place.

From that place you will be able to do what you saw Me do. In the secret place, that place of surrender and fellowship waiting on Me is where you receive your instructions and marching orders. Time spent with Me can only benefit you as well as others.


Come today and receive the refreshing and renewal you are seeking for. Come and encourage others to come as well. Out of these meetings comes power, life, and healing, that will flow that is so desperately needed. Come and let Me use you as a channel touching lives.


I have need of you. There is so much more I want to give you. We have a good thing going! Your LITTLE and My MUCH is all that is needed. Together we can. I am willing, are you? I am looking forward to our time together.



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