Our Rainbow is on the Horizon

By Maili Super

With debris every where from floods, fires, hurricanes, political rulings, and things we witness with our own eyes in our own situations. It is hard for any of us to see how anything good can come from the stuff we are seeing. There is anger in the streets and threat of wars, how do we hold our peace? We ask the Lord why we are seeing the opposite of the promises He spoke to us. All we can see is evil being shouted in the streets, grief of people in anguish after losing everything, and loss being felt in the body. The Lord started showing me that this was the construction phase of the newness that is coming.

The Lord showed me that during construction things look like a huge mess. There is dust and debris, there is a heaping pile of trash to be disposed. Tempers flare and people get edgy during this process, because there seems to be no place to rest. Everywhere we look there is someone hurting, in pain, or demanding our attention. Everything seems to be in a sense in disarray, out of place, and messy. If if looks like someone took the pieces of your life, placed them in a box, shook it up really good and dumped it out all over the place, than know the Lord has you in a place of construction.

The Lord was showing me, this is exactly how many feel in the body these days. But there is hope, For we are Not without Hope, for those that love Jesus. The Lord was showing me that things Always look the darkest before the dawn, they always look the messiest before the cleanup and they Always look the most undone after the demolition. In order to have the newness the Lord wants to bring there is always garbage that needs to be taken out, and there is always mess that needs to be cleaned up. Lucky for us we serve a God that is in the cleanup business. We serve a carpenter that can repair the structural damage done, and that will fix these things better than before. He is Not a God that fixes things half way, or just good enough. He is the Lord that will keep on until He gets to the root of the issue. The Lord does His most awesome work through our frailness, then we know it could not have been by our own hand that these things were accomplished. The Lord will Not fail us, He will rescue us in our time of need for we are His children. Hold onto your faith, hold on to your promise, for your days of rainbows are coming.

You are Right On Time

By Maili Super

I know your Heart My love, I formed you in the womb from the inside out. I know the struggles you face daily, before you ever wake up for the day I see you and have gone before you through all you will walk in that day. I have fashioned you after my Son, you will be ALL that I intended you to be. I will go before you and I will smite anyone that chooses to stand in your path, because they were placed there to derail you from WHAT I Intended you to be.

You will go through things you do not understand some days, BUT I will be with you in all you endure. You are NOT AS the World sees you. You are NOT the things that they say you are. I am Changing you into someone that they do not even recognize. You are being Transformed In MY LOVE! People that know you wonder about this Change in you, in your demeanor, in your attitude. HA HA HA Let them WONDER! You will be transformed in a way that they will NOT Even recognize you Because You Look more like Me than your old self.

I love you so much, you are so beautiful in my eyes, I love your heart of worship, your eyes that looking longing to Me in Heaven. By your Hand you will heal the sick and restore them, through the LIGHT that flows through you from Me. By your Hand you will restore people to Full spiritual health because of the Love that flows from MY heart through you. By your HAND you will take charge of the captives and set them free, with the Keys of the House of David, I will give to you. You are NOT What they see, My Daughter. You are NOT what they see because THEY have No idea the Capability and Capacity that I can work, people would like to place me in a box and restrict me, but Not you My Love.

You will praise and worship and not care how anyone feels about these things, I am so proud of you for rising above the opinions of the world, that has zero ability to help you, assist you, or more you forward. Your Life is a demonstration for all watch and waiting to see MY MIGHTY hand flow through you. You have an audience of people watching if your fail or succeed, I tell you the TRUTH you will Not only succeed but will surpass the expectations of those watching you move with me. You have paid the price for this Mantel in tears and willingness to be broken before me. I will cause you to go farther than you ever expected, So HOLD ON the ride is about to start! It has twists and turns but you will end up in the right place at the right time, For My Glory. For this is the Will of My Father.

All of Creation is Speaking

By Maili Super

So the last three days when I have been outside I have seen the shadow of a butterfly flying over my head. As I saw the same thing today, I heard the Lord speak to me “abide in the Shadow of My Wings.” Then the Lord spoke all of creation is speaking to us, but are we listening?

This is what I heard the Lord say:

Many of my children have fast moving feet. Busy running from here to there, always in a hurry to get things done. I know life’s pressures, but I desire that you slow down and take some time to smell the roses. Do you realize how delicate the rose was created, but the pungent odor of its fragrance is captivating? This is just one of life’s many mysteries, that I desire to share with you. Do you know I am in the wind that pushes back your hair? I am in the sunshine that kisses your skin. All of creation is speaking of My Glory, are you listening? Did I not say that the simple truths of who I am would confound the wise? I use these simple things to speak to my children, that bird flying over head singing her song or the sound of the leaves falling from the trees. All of these things around you proclaim My goodness. My time clock is sang from the seasons changing and the Love that I pour out ring loud and true from the flowers blooming forth.

Take some time to spend with Me and I promise I will teach you by My own hand. I will show you what each of these things means and bring you into greater clarity of who I AM. I am Not a far away God as some have perceived, but I am Up close and personal to those that ask me to be. My Love for you far surpasses the drops of the oceans, and I desire to bring you into fullness and wellness in every area of your life. I will show you that when I look at you, how your beauty captivates Me, and my love for you could be No More for I AM both your creator and the Lover of your soul.

Psalm 46:10(NKJV)

Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!

I am Building you Into a Soldier of Faith

By Maili Super

Daughter do you feel that I have abandon you? I certainly have not forgotten your needs child. If I am concerned for a feather that falls from a sparrow, how much more for you? I have counted the cost, and am making provision for your life. Nothing is too hard for me. Child do not fear, I am always with you. Even in the times that you can’t see or feel me here, I am with you.

Do you not see the countless other times that I have provided for your needs, even before you asked? I tell you the truth daughter, you are NOT to deal in lack, I have so much planned for your future. There are things that you can’t see yet, because there is a smoke screen blocking your view. Come to me daughter and ask me the things that I have for you. YOUR life is not a void until you die, you are not an island floating in the middle of the ocean with only water that surrounds you. No child you are much more powerful than that, this is a faith walk, if you have never passed through the Valley of the Shadow of Death than how will you ever know what real Abundance is about? If you had never walked this road, how could you possibly have compassion for those that are made to walk here?

I tell you that I have you, My Girl, there is nothing for you to Fear. When you walk through this wilderness walk do you know that this is truly where your faith grows and where you find your true identity. Not the way that the world sees you but through my unfailing eyes. Look up MY love LOOK UP time is short, you are front and center in my classroom learning to truly trust me, your faith is growing, and I would never allow you to fall. You will come out of this experience shining brighter than ever, for My Glory. Trust the process that you are walking through, for I am building you into a Soldier of Faith.

Your Beauty is Being Healed

By Maili Super

The Lord showed me a vision the other day of a lady, lets call her Beauty. The Lord showed me this lady, as having a high calling and that she has had a target placed on her back, by the enemy her entire life.

The Lord showed me this lady as a young girl and in her younger years the Lord would whisper in her ear, “Daughter when you are older, I have a BIG job for you to do”. This girl coming from a complete place of poverty, and addiction surrounding her, she had no concept of WHY the Lord would want to use her, not to mention how.

She grew into a teen, her beauty was captivating, but she had a deep hole driven into her heart that was so deep. But she would put on a pretty face, and face the world with courage.

She married and had kids, she did the best she could from coming from the dysfunction that she came out of, but at times she struggled with addiction herself. She was guilt ridden for the wounds of her heart, the enemy never let up upon the lashing that he gave to her.

The enemy tried his best to convince her to end her life. He even took the abuse out on her children, trying to kill them in their younger years. She struggled to make sense of it all, she struggled to hang on to the remnants of her life, that had not been scattered everywhere.

As time when on Beauty looked ok to all that looked into her life, but inside she felt the pain of all she had endured. Beauty would put on a beautiful face and smile, like there was nothing wrong. She had long ago forgotten about the promise from the Lord that she was going to do something great. BUT THE LORD NEVER FORGOT. She was just struggling to make ends meet and to make a safe suitable place for her family.

One day the wounds became too deep, she could not take another step. There was no place for her to run from her pain. She looked up to God wondering where He had gone. She could no longer hide the pain, her face, which had become her safety net to hide from the world, Cracked. Every wound showed through on her face, the scars of her heart were evident to any on looker. She could no longer hide behind her beauty, for her heart had been wrecked.

THIS IS WHERE THE LORD MET HER. The Lord came to her in such a gentle way promising her BEAUTY for her ASHES that she held. He promised to make her without wrinkle, flaw, or blemish. He told her that He was healing her from the inside. Those wounds that she had been holding like a badge, she surrendered. She had not known love like this in her life before. The Lord wooed Beauty back into life.

The enemy had hit her so many times because the Lord had placed a high call upon her, and the Lord was now Showing her that there was a purpose in the pain that she faced. She had a beautiful, compassionate heart and the Lord was going to use every bit of that pain that she had endured, to help others.

As the Lord was healing her heart He would show her what her calling was about, she had been attacked and judged so harshly not because she had done something wrong but because she was called to be a Prophet. She was so shocked, she could not fathom what she had to offer to anyone else, BUT God knew what He was doing when He called her. He NEVER forgot the calling He had placed upon her, He NEVER once thought she was too wounded, to heal her of her pain.

The enemy had beat her up so badly to hold her in submission, BUT this bondage was falling off of her. The more she left that pain at the foot of the cross, the more the wounds fell to the ground, without consequence. The enemy, was losing the battle to hold her down, the unfailing LOVE of the Lord was shattering and removing the pain that had taken the enemy years to put into place, in seconds.

The Lord is saying through that there is NO Place that you can run far enough to get away from the Love of the Lord. There is nothing that you could do to make Him not have love for you. The wounds of your heart can’t be too deep that the Lord can not heal them. The Lord Loves you more than you could possibly know and if you can relate with this story KNOW the Lord has called you to a HIGH place. He is wooing you into His Love, and His Love is ALL Encompassing. His will for you is LIFE and that more abundantly. The healing is available Just Ask me, I know, because This is MY Life I am Beauty!

Child I call you to be True Blue

By Maili Super

A Word for some.

As I was praying I heard the Lord say True Blue. I was confused, so I inquired of the Lord. I heard Him say many of my children are so true and faithful that they actually produce Blue Light. The Lord was showing me that this blue light that they produce is actually like a blue flame which is the hottest form of fire.

extremely loyal or orthodox.
synonyms: staunch, loyal, faithful, stalwart, committed, card-carrying, confirmed, dyed-in-the-wool, devoted, dedicated, firm, steadfast, unswerving, unwavering, unfaltering

The Lord was showing me that these that have the True Blue Flames are the ones that carry the Lord’s flame around with them. These blue flame holders are the carriers of the Holy Spirit, the ones that hold true authority, because they are the selfless ones, that honor the Lord with their entire being.

These children are the ones that the enemy will try to trick to tell them that they are different because they are Blue (depressed). They hold a higher level of compassion and they are extra “sensitive”. Others have often told them they wear their heart on their sleeve, but the reality is that these are actually the ones that hold a higher level of sensitivity in the spirit realm. A lot of the things they sense and pick up are the hurt and the pain from others.

These True Blue children are the ones the Lord has appointed to preach to the poor and the poor of spirit. This is the true reason for their sensitivity. The Lord was showed me that these children are the ones that have a True heart for those that hurt around them.

They are fixers, they want to help others arrive with them, they are not content to leave people behind. The enemy has taunted these people with the words of others about being too sensitive, after all the enemy loves to take the truth of the matter and twist the meaning, to be something negative.

The Lord said YES MY True Blue children Are sensitive for they are highly discerning. They can see the heart of the matter so that they can expose the Lies the enemy tries to tear them down with. These children are the warriors that fight from the stand point of justice. They will uproot the roots of lies spoken, that are buried deep in the ground, and expose them to the light of Truth, thus rendering them defenseless.

The blue flame burns so completely that at times it is invisible. The Lord uses this as a surprise attack on the enemy. As he did not perceive this flame to be as hot as it really is, so he underestimates the true-blue warrior.

The enemy only has one defense, and that is to try to lie to the pure ones by telling them they are in the wrong place, the wrong time, or too much of this or that. The Lord is exposing these lies, and as He does this flame is stoked to be even hotter than it was before.

If you are a carrier of this blue flame, take heart, you are going to do mighty things for the Kingdom of heaven. You are not content to play games, for there are lives that literally hang in the balance. Your words will be swift and cutting, like the two edged sword, they will reveal the truth of the matter and you will be used to set others free. You are the Chosen vessel to deliver the sword to the enemy for lying to you and those around you. By your hand the Lord will use you to knock down the lies of the enemy, and set the captives free, all to the Glory of God.

Psalm 104

104 Bless the Lord, O my soul!

O Lord my God, You are very great:
You are clothed with honor and majesty,
2 Who cover Yourself with light as with a garment,
Who stretch out the heavens like a curtain.

3 He lays the beams of His upper chambers in the waters,
Who makes the clouds His chariot,
Who walks on the wings of the wind,
4 Who makes His angels spirits,
His ministers a flame of fire.

Spiritual Atmosphere Changers

A Word for some:

By Maili Super

I feel as though you are a mighty warrior in the Spirit. I feel like when you pray that you are an Atmosphere Changer. You can change the Atmosphere at Home, at Work, in your Family, and with principalities that you do not even know about yet. I feel a strength that is inward, inside of you, this is a gift from our Daddy, so that your Prayers will take Down the darkness around you. You make Mighty decrees with your mouth for breakthrough, for powers of evil to fall, and to be in My presents. I feel that these gifts are an extension of His heart for you. You MY Child are a WARRIOR and your words change the atmosphere around you. You are MY gift to the world of darkness that is without light at all. They wonder around in the darkness bumping into one another, they are wounded and injured from the attacks of an enemy they do not even know that they are fighting!!!!

I gave you this gift so that you could reach into the darkness without being overtaken to pull the willing ones out by my Love so that the yoke of Bondage is broken off of their backs. So that your Love, through Me, will pierce the darkness of their stone hearts that have been hardened. A lot of the hard things you have endured, my child, are NOT for your benefit but for the benefit of those around you. So that they can witness my healing hand at work. So that they can realize there is MORE to you than meets the eye. So that when other look at you they see ME and MY Love, shining through your life, and it makes them realize there is MUCH MORE to life, than the way they have been living. You are MY gift MY child, a shining diamond. My jewel that I adore. There can be no one that would or could take your place. This is the Mantle upon your shoulders it is MY LOVE and MY LIGHT! Remember those things I have promised to you….they are not far away. For the path that you walk upon is full of curves and winding road ahead, but I will make the path straight. Your breakthrough is at your finger tips….Reach out and reach up!!! For your day is Nigh!

The Waiting is Preparation for the Blessing

By Maili Super

There are times in life when the Lord chooses to hide you away for a season. These times are Not at all comfortable you feel cramped in your tiny quarters, much as a caterpillar feels when they enter into their tiny quarters and spin a tight webbing system completely around themselves. They are hidden away from the world for a season. As the caterpillar grows and wings form, this tiny cocoon feels very claustrophobic, the space they are in seems so tight that they are barely able to move.

The immovability they experience, allows this caterpillar to be completely healed of any flaw that must be rectified before they can fly. Before entering into the cocoon the caterpillar will eat everything in site, they become fat and barely able to move before going into the cocoon, this is so they can go with out eating during their metamorphosis. This is much the way that we are hidden away from the world for a season, for a time of extreme healing or a time of great promotion. We have to go through a great “birthing” process before the baby is born, so to speak.

Before we can have the great rewards of life the Lord needs to know that we are strong enough to hold the weight of the reward. I am sure we have all witnesses child stars that come into wealth and power too prematurely and before they are capable of handling it. In most of these cases their lives are absolutely devastated. This is what the Lord is trying to prevent by allowing us to wait, this is not to punish us or make us as insolent children, it is a preparation time and the more we wiggle and squirm rather than allowing the healing to take place the longer we must wait in transition, because we are not healed yet.

With your YES to the Lord to heal these deep areas, the ones that we guard so dearly to our heart because they hurt so bad, we will not allow anyone to get close to them. He is faithful to restore even the hardest of hearts. Just remember we are about to come out of the cocoon I know it is dark in there and times are hard, But soon we will fly above it all and see the world with all new colors we have never seen before.

You Were Not Sabotaged but Rather Setup for Better

By Maili Super

Have you ever felt sabotaged? At the property I manage, we were replacing one pool vendor for another, we felt was better. Well Monday when I came into the work the pool looked terrible, it was cloudy and you could not even see the bottom of what usually is a sparkling clean pool. I feel that we often experience things in the natural that explain what is going on in the spiritual. I called in the new pool vendor only to find out that the old pool company knowing their time was short, did not fill the vats of chlorine to cycle into the pool. They had essentially sabotaged the pools knowing their time was short, causing stagnant, murky, and unclean waters.

As I was thinking about this today the Lord related it to the fact that the enemy is trying to sabotage our efforts right now, knowing his time is short. When we are sabotaged it causes our spirit, spiritual murky stagnant waters. We do not see things as clearly things are harder to make sense of things taking place around us. I feel this is a word for many in the body, because there is an overall feeling of being unsettled, and a lack of clarity.

The Lord is saying to us that He is going to add “shock” back into these waters to clear them up. He was relating to me that this was Not caused by something that we did wrong, but rather the enemy is angry that we discovered his wrong doing and removed him. The Lord is saying I am cleaning out those waters with the “bleach” of My word, and these things that have been hidden in the murky waters will be revealed.

The Lord says you may have felt that these things were to your detriment, but the Lord is clearing things up and sending a refreshing back to us. That He is going to make things crystal clear again. You are going to come out of this even better than before, even clearer. What the enemy thought he was clouding from us will be revealed and the Lord will vindicate us for the time and effort spent in confusion. We are being set up, by the Father to receive more than we could have ever dreamed possible.

Proverbs 25:26

A righteous man who falters before the wicked
Is like a murky spring and a polluted well.

James 3:11-12

Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be so. 11 Does a spring send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening?


By Maili Super

The Lord has been showing me a dam breaking for a number of months now. The dam is representing the blessing being held back or dammed up.

The vision started off with hairline cracks in the dam. This dam was huge like Hoover Dam. Then He showed me that there were chunks of concrete breaking off and water rushing through these cracks. It was washing away debris.

Last week the Lord showed me the dam was in Real Trouble He spoke the words “catastrophic damage.” This damage being done is to our benefit, but the enemy was speaking it to us, in a way that it was to our demise. I could hear the enemy screaming over the noise of the flooding dam. He was saying, ” You are going to have catastrophic damage, this is your portion.” “Then you are not going to receive the blessing, this thing will be your demise.”

The enemy is using the words of the Lord meant for blessing for us to try to strike fear in our hearts. The Lord showed me that this dam was constructed by the enemy to hold back the blessing from pouring forward into our lives. The Lord said to me “that which is holding back these blessing is Now breaking forth.”

This is what the Lord is saying:

The dam that was constructed to hold back the blessings from MY people will be released with the breaking forth of the waters of My words. Those things the enemy has fought so hard to hold back will come sweeping forth over the land, to My children, for all to see. The enemy that has tried to hold these things back from MY children will have to pay back the greater measure, pressed down, overflowing. I AM the God of blessing and my people will not perish for a lack of knowledge, but ALL things I have spoken WILL come to pass. My children Will know what it means Not to have lack, for I came to fulfill them with the abundance of promise.

Isaiah 44:3

For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground: I will pour my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring: