Choose Wisely!

Written by Eliza van der Merwe

This is what the Father is saying today.

Don’t let the frustrations you experience draw your attention away from what is true. Don’t make decisions out of these frustrating circumstances that you otherwise would not even consider.

Rather use these frustrations to push yourself to seek My will. I will lead you in peace and that which frustrated you will be something of the past. Make a deliberate chose today to seek Me for direction.

My direction will take you on roads not many have travelled on. Why you may ask?  They choose not asking Me for direction because fear stopped them.

Fear of the way in which I will lead them is not what they really want to be led on. But as for you My Beloved choose wisely and come and hear what I have to say on this.

I will lead you in a way that is so liberating and it will bless you beyond what you can understand.

Choose wisely!


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