Ears To Hear

By Maili Super

Child I have known you since before you were even conceived into this world. I have given you ears to hear Me, even though at times you may mistake this as your own voice. I am the still small voice that tells you which way to walk, and how to walk in it. I have never left you nor turned my back on you even, when you felt utterly alone, these are the times that I held on to you tighter than ever. The times when you walked through the valley of darkness, these were not in vein. I used these times to give you spiritual muscle. To strengthen you and to give you compassion for those hurting. I have used your pain, your fear, and your uncertainty to allow you to realize that I am the God of compassion and comfort. I say blessed are those that hear My words and heed their warnings for these are the ones that prevail through the darkness. You do not have to be in a place of flailing around when you are in the dark, but My perfect peace still calls to you like a beacon of light that will show you the way out.

I have a plan for you a way of escape for all of those things that you are suffering through this very day. I will blow my winds of change over your situation and not even the landscape around you will look the same. In the dead of winter I will cause the flowers to bloom and for the dead to pass away. Just watch, My Love, for I am changing all things new even in this hour. My Love will cover over these dead dry bones, and they shall live once more. Just watch while I resurrect these things that look lifeless, and infuse them with My breath of life.

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