Fly With ME

By Maili Super

There are times in life when the Lord chooses to hide you away for a season. These times are Not at all comfortable, you feel cramped in your tiny quarters, much as a caterpillar feels when they enter into their tiny quarters and spin a tight webbing system completely around themselves. They are hidden away from the world for a season. As the caterpillar grows and its wings form, this tiny cocoon feels very claustrophobic, the space they are in seems so tight that they are barely able to move.

The immovability they experience, allows this caterpillar to be completely healed of any flaw that must be rectified before they can fly. Before entering into the cocoon the caterpillar will eat everything in site, they become fat and barely able to move before going into the cocoon, this is so they can go with out eating during their metamorphosis. This is much the way that we are hidden away from the world for a season, for a time of extreme healing or a time of great promotion. We have to go through a great “birthing” process before the baby is born, so to speak.

Before we can have the great rewards of life the Lord needs to know that we are strong enough to hold the weight of the reward. I am sure we have all witnesses child stars that come into wealth and power too prematurely and before they are capable of handling it. In most of these cases their lives are absolutely devastated. This is what the Lord is trying to prevent by allowing us to wait, this is not to punish us or make us as insolent children, it is a preparation time and the more we wiggle and squirm rather than allowing the healing to take place the longer we must wait in transition, because we are not healed yet.

With your YES to the Lord to heal these deep areas, the ones that we guard so dearly to our heart because they hurt so bad, we will not allow anyone to get close to them. He is faithful to restore even the hardest of hearts. Just remember we are about to come out of the cocoon I know it is dark in there and times are hard, But soon we will fly above it all and see the world with all new colors we have never seen before.

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