by Eliza van der Merwe


This is what the Father is saying today.

It’s a new day. Yesterday is behind you. Make a continuous decision to let go of yesterday and all it brought with it.

Start a fresh today. There is much to look forward to, for I have laid out everything you need for this day. Only choose to pick it up and begin to walk in it.

Focus on that which the cross has brought for you. All is available! Nothing will be withheld from you. I know what you have need of.

Choose to step over the line called limitations!

I am with you holding your hand. I am in your NOW working all things for your good.

You are blessed and favored by Me! Choose to walk in this today. As you think in your heart, so it will be evidence of it in your life.

I am with you and you have been given all that you have need of today. Receive it and start to walk in it!


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