God’s Greatest Ache

By Tiffany Bretana 
My Child, My greatest ache is to love you. But I could not love you on your terms. Because then you could say, I have earned it. No, My child, I love you with an unconditional love. You did nothing to earn the love I displayed with My grandest gesture of sending My beloved Son to remove everything in your life that you felt would disqualify you from My love. When I formed and created you and made you uniquely mine, unlike another. I made you because it pleased Me to love you. I have so much love to give. I want you to experience My great love that will fill you to the full. I AM the only One who could fill the void you feel in your life. Adam knew My great love for him, as I provided for every need he could ever have in a finished form in the Garden. And just as the sneaky snake made Adam and Eve to believe I was withholding My love for them, by the deception I was keeping something from them, the people in this world have made you to feel that I am withholding My love for you too. You have accounted Me in their likeness. I tell you this is not so. My Son while He moved and breathed on the earth, love personified came to show My great love for you and all humanity. Let My love conquer you. Let My love restore all that is within you. Let My great love for you furnish your every need. Let My great love for you quiet your soul. 

Author: Tiffany Bretana

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