Heart of a Child

By Maili Super

Child, you are a warrior, why do you think you have had so many battles in life to fight. You are no ordinary person, for I have created you differently, the strength of a warrior but the heart of a child. This is why you get hurt because you have a spirit of Mercy that follows you, child. Guard your heart against those that would seek to take advantage of you. I told you to Love others, but sometimes this must be done from a distance. Follow my prompting for your life, if you do not feel peace in it then I am not in it. You hear me better than you think you do child, quiet your heart anything that speaks over My voice is Unauthorized. Tell those things to be silent and you will surely hear me, you have all authority to silence them. I have things I want to share with your heart, but you must silence the voice of doubt that tries to rise up against you. Battle plans and ways to see beyond the obstacles that siege you. You are MINE, child and I will never fail to complete the Good things I have promised to you. Together we will go farther than you ever thought was possible! For ALL things are possible by MY hands.

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