Heart of a Warrior

By Maili Super

My child, you have the heart of a warrior. You have been battling something for a long time and I tell you the truth my child this is coming to an end very soon. You have been weary from the fight you have endured and I tell you child that my Grace is covering you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. You will be released from the place where you are at now into Abundance. NEW ABUNDANCE from My Heart that you will step into like a fine coat of many colors. This is your vision coming to LIFE by my Breath. These things that you have contended for are From MY heart Not from your own imagination, SO these things will NOT fail to come to pass. I will shift MY winds in your favor, all things will come together according to MY plan. The naysayers that claim this will not happen for you or in your lifetime, do not listen, for I have shared my plan for your life with THEM nor do I need to seek council for things I choose to do in your life. I AM the I AM AND My words will not return to me VOID! You will never fail in this plan I have placed in your heart because I WILL NOT FAIL to follow through in your behalf. I have placed them into your heart so you will have the FAITH I desire you to have when you are watching these things take place before your eyes. You have NOT missed your opportunity or missed the Mark I would never allow these things to by pass you. I love you so much MY Child, I see you as a Radiant Light a beacon of HOPE to those living a life of darkness. They see My Light shining through you so powerfully that it pulls there souls back from the gates of Hell where they were headed. You are Bless By MY hand do not ever doubt the gifts I have instilled in you, I will see you though to the END Because of my extreme love for my YOU!

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