I am Building you Into a Soldier of Faith

By Maili Super

Daughter do you feel that I have abandon you? I certainly have not forgotten your needs child. If I am concerned for a feather that falls from a sparrow, how much more for you? I have counted the cost, and am making provision for your life. Nothing is too hard for me. Child do not fear, I am always with you. Even in the times that you can’t see or feel me here, I am with you.

Do you not see the countless other times that I have provided for your needs, even before you asked? I tell you the truth daughter, you are NOT to deal in lack, I have so much planned for your future. There are things that you can’t see yet, because there is a smoke screen blocking your view. Come to me daughter and ask me the things that I have for you. YOUR life is not a void until you die, you are not an island floating in the middle of the ocean with only water that surrounds you. No child you are much more powerful than that, this is a faith walk, if you have never passed through the Valley of the Shadow of Death than how will you ever know what real Abundance is about? If you had never walked this road, how could you possibly have compassion for those that are made to walk here?

I tell you that I have you, My Girl, there is nothing for you to Fear. When you walk through this wilderness walk do you know that this is truly where your faith grows and where you find your true identity. Not the way that the world sees you but through my unfailing eyes. Look up MY love LOOK UP time is short, you are front and center in my classroom learning to truly trust me, your faith is growing, and I would never allow you to fall. You will come out of this experience shining brighter than ever, for My Glory. Trust the process that you are walking through, for I am building you into a Soldier of Faith.

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