IN THE WAITING . . . . . 

By Tiffany Bretana

In the waiting, don’t let it be a waste. There is order and preparation that is necessary for the manifestation for that promise you are standing for. If you were to stay stagnant in the wait, then when you receive the manifestation, then comes the issue of did you prepare yourself for keeping or maintaining it. One of my mentors said the pressure of maintaining success is greater then the pressure of gaining success. I’ve heard of accounts where people received a miraculous healing, to lose it because they didn’t have the foundation of faith to sustain it. Or what about that marriage restoration, did they return to their old ways of doing things, that it maybe for nought. Or what about a wealth transfer, would you spend it on your own desires or for His purposes by His leading and guidance.  What about having a full time ministry, did you learn about the inner workings and dynamics of the ministry.  All these things are organic living breathing things.  What do I mean by this? Things are constantly changing. The pressures of today are not the same as the pressures of tomorrow.  Ex:  Remember the days when if you wanted to have a conversation with someone, you either wrote a letter that you had to put a stamp on it and wait for a response or had to put a quarter in a payphone to answer a beeper or just make a simple phone call.  

He who is found faithful in the little, will He not give you more? 
There is also the notion, preparing the hearts of others involved or apart of the promise. God is working all things together for your good. God is always on time!!! 

I don’t know where you are at individually, but the Lord placed this on my heart to write. There are many things that the Lord has placed in my heart, but I make it my pursuit to ready myself for the manifestation of the Promise(s).  

What does this look like for you? Ask the Father, He’ll tell you. What it looks like for you maybe completely different than what that looks like for me.    

I am by no means advertising any certain ministry or person. I am a promoter of Jesus-the Answer.  

But for the one seeking marriage restoration, did you learn to love or respect your future mate?  

For the one seeking the finances, did you learn Kingdom principles of managing finances. 

What about the ministry, did you learn the different aspects of the ministry, whether online or the four walled building? 

Let the Holy Spirit guide you. God bless you! When you succeed, we all succeed!!! 


Author: Tiffany Bretana

Prophetic Blogger

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