Let Me Refill You

By Maili Super

As I was praying I heard the Lord say. You are asking Me a lot of questions about your future, future purposes for your life. I have you Right where you are right now for a reason child….You know that I will be moving and shifting you soon, so you are a little antsy because you can feel the Shift happening. I say to you child, do not Fear these changes for they are ALL working for your good and pushing you towards your destiny. You will NOT fail in this plan I have for you, for I have put you in this place at this time to learn all you can before you are thrust forward into your divine alignment. Child you are MY heart’s desire as I see that I am yours as well. I would Never fail to see you accomplish all these things I have set before you. Do not worry about the Naysayers, I will deal with them in My own timing. Just continue to Love those that use you and I will continue to bless everything you touch….My child you are never far away from my sight….When you feel tired or drained of energy, come back to Me child and I will refill and quench your thirst like only I can!

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