Marching Orders

By Maili Super

Over the last few days,   I have heard a few Prophets say “Marching Orders” but I had not heard anything from God myself until last night while I was praying. The Lord often speaks to me in military terms since I was both born to a military father on a military base and I am married to a husband that served in the military for 12 years.

While in prayer, I was taken into a powerful vision. The first thing that I saw were black Army boots marching in unison. I heard the commander calling out “Left, Left, Left, Right, Left. I saw the commander halt the marching soldiers behind him and a dove flew down and in its claws it had clasped a scroll. It handed the scroll to the commander then flew away. The commander then turns to the soldiers and yells “Parade Rest” and the troops follow the order. The commander took the scroll into a building adjacent to them, it was a conference type of room and there was a conference table and the commander took the scroll and laid it across the table. A five star general walked up to the table and pointed on the map. He said, “the enemy has hit us here, here, and here, we have to go around the back side to land a surprise attack”. With his finger pointing the route to take to beat the enemy to the punch. The commander rolled up the map acknowledged the order, he saluted the general and did an about face to give the instructions to the troops.

The Lord spoke, I am giving you Marching Orders. March is the month that the Marching orders start the troops Marching towards their victory. Battles will start to be won, the orders will start to be given, and it will set to flight ground troops fighting for our break through. This was no ordinary troop of soldiers but more like a special ops type of unit like Seal Team 6. In the stealth of the night, they sneak into the enemies camps to plunder the enemy. We will be victorious in this fight as long as we stay faithful to the Lord. He WILL NOT Fail to give us the Marching Orders. We will March through our Red Seas, on dry land, out of captivity to demise of the enemy, STAY ENGAGED for the fight is almost over.

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