Our Rainbow is on the Horizon

By Maili Super

With debris every where from floods, fires, hurricanes, political rulings, and things we witness with our own eyes in our own situations. It is hard for any of us to see how anything good can come from the stuff we are seeing. There is anger in the streets and threat of wars, how do we hold our peace? We ask the Lord why we are seeing the opposite of the promises He spoke to us. All we can see is evil being shouted in the streets, grief of people in anguish after losing everything, and loss being felt in the body. The Lord started showing me that this was the construction phase of the newness that is coming.

The Lord showed me that during construction things look like a huge mess. There is dust and debris, there is a heaping pile of trash to be disposed. Tempers flare and people get edgy during this process, because there seems to be no place to rest. Everywhere we look there is someone hurting, in pain, or demanding our attention. Everything seems to be in a sense in disarray, out of place, and messy. If if looks like someone took the pieces of your life, placed them in a box, shook it up really good and dumped it out all over the place, than know the Lord has you in a place of construction.

The Lord was showing me, this is exactly how many feel in the body these days. But there is hope, For we are Not without Hope, for those that love Jesus. The Lord was showing me that things Always look the darkest before the dawn, they always look the messiest before the cleanup and they Always look the most undone after the demolition. In order to have the newness the Lord wants to bring there is always garbage that needs to be taken out, and there is always mess that needs to be cleaned up. Lucky for us we serve a God that is in the cleanup business. We serve a carpenter that can repair the structural damage done, and that will fix these things better than before. He is Not a God that fixes things half way, or just good enough. He is the Lord that will keep on until He gets to the root of the issue. The Lord does His most awesome work through our frailness, then we know it could not have been by our own hand that these things were accomplished. The Lord will Not fail us, He will rescue us in our time of need for we are His children. Hold onto your faith, hold on to your promise, for your days of rainbows are coming.

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