Remnant Rising

By Maili Super

My daughter, You are not alone. I never wanted those bad things happen to you, My Love. What I say to you is to forgive and release those that have hurt you and to forgive yourself also. In My forgiveness it releases my hand to move in these areas of hurt so that I can heal the very source of hurt, within your body. The enemy of your soul seeks to make you “rehearse” those old hurts over and over again but I will remove even the memory of these things ever taking place. I will move you past the place of hurt so that you can help others that have suffered the same type of hurts. I created you to be a compassionate person that Feels things way deeper than most people do. This is why the enemy attempted to break you child. Take hold of what I have to offer you because the enemy would seek to blind your eyes from ever seeing the GOOD things I have in store for you.

You are a huge threat to the kingdom of darkness. A person that has had a life full of pain and hurt often times feel so broken that it would be impossible to help anyone else in the situation, this is a lie straight from the pits of hell. I WILL use you daughter if you allow me too. I WILL Heal you both physically and emotionally. You are not without hope like the world. I am raising up a remnant and you are one of these.

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