Rush Hour

Written by Eliza van der Merwe

This is what the Father is saying today.

Many of you are feeling like you are in a rush hour place. Rushing around trying to get all the demands out accomplished.

Children just stop for a moment catching your breath and listen to Me. Ask Me to help you get all of it sorted and I will. Nothing is too challenging for Me.

Don’t look around in fear. You will experience My hand in all that needs your attention at this time.

I am there helping you get through it all as well as doing what you set aside because you thought you will not have the time to do it. Ask Me to strech the time for you.

Ask Me for wisdom on how to do it. Ask Me for strategic help with what is demanding your attention. I know very well what is keeping you up at night. Yes, even in that just ASK!

I know all of the solutions to your problems, big or small.  Your part in this is to ask Me, then receive it by faith, and implement what I show you to do.

Together we can do this!



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