Soak in My Light

By Maili Super

I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. I have chosen you, before the foundations of time. You are MY chosen one. I know you have been hurt, and have not always understood the vision that I have had for you. I know you have cried Many tears and I have collected each one. The plans of the enemy have Not succeeded even though you may not be able to see that from your vantage point. Allow Me to take you Higher, Higher than you could ever imagine. I have allowed you to walk in some areas of pain to strengthen your resolve. Like a tree, the roots that you have dug deep into the earth are strong and sturdy. I know when the winds come you feel like you will snap in half, but it is creating in you resilience. The ability to snap back from anything.

My Promises for your life still stand, I have NOT changed my mind. As long as you put first the My Kingdom, my answer to you for your destiny is Yes and AMEN. From a seed a flower buds. This seed takes time to grow roots, to grow stems, and then to grow flower buds. It takes patience to water this seed in MY word, then to grow the roots of faith, and then to have My Light of My Love grow it into a beautiful fragrant flower with each delicate flower petal. By Soaking in the light of My Love, you will look like Me more everyday. You will act like Me more everyday. You will have My fragrance so strongly upon you that no one can miss it, as you pass by. My Grace will shine down upon you and give you the much needed strength you need to continue to stand for the promises that I have spoken to your heart. I have Chosen YOU Child, do you Not see this? For THIS is MY Perfect will to Grow you so much in Me that when the enemy looks at you all he sees is Me.

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