The Glory Wave

By Maili Super

As I was in prayer today, I heard the Lord say, there is a backlog of blessing on the way. I saw a huge wave that had not yet crested, but it was the size of a Tsunami. I heard the Lord say it was a back flow of blessing and it is about to break forth. I saw a person standing in the shallow water of the ocean but the undercurrent was attempting to pull her back into the storm brewing behind her. I saw the fear on her face as she feels like she is sinking deeper into the sand. The water around her is pulling back to build momentum. I felt the Lord telling me that it was not that she was sinking into the sand but being planted deeper bracing for the huge wave of blessing that was coming her way. It was His way of securing her so that the wave that was so big and so grand, that it would knock her off of her feet if she was not deeply planted in Him.

For those parents that have been waiting for her prodigal children to come back home. On their faces in deep intercession over their children.

For those that have been helplessly fighting illnesses. Hands raised in Praise to the Lord in spite of the weariness.

For those that have Lost children or parents that have broken to the very core of their being, crying so many tears that they have none left to cry.

For those in bondage and captivity, who are so weary and beaten, You Cry out to God for the release date.
For those barely able to put food on the table, but you still help those in need around you.

For those that are seeking marriages or marriage restoration with tear soaked pillows, holding your families up in prayer, the Lord is Roaring with Vindication.

I hear the Lord ROARING VINDICATION over you and your people!!!! He is saying You have done well my GOOD AND FAITHFUL Servant, I now call you MY FRIENDS. My Friends get to share the finest of things that I have to offer. He said you will Never again Lack for the things you need. The enemy has put you into the fire BUT you will emerge Not even smelling of smoke, because what he was using to harm you I AM Turning around for your good. He said what feed like being pulled back into the storm is actually the backlog of blessing building as the storm of blessing arrives.

Proverbs 6:31

Yet if caught they must pay back sevenfold, yield up all the wealth of their house.

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