The Great Shake Up is to Wake Up

By Maili Super

The pressure has been on this week. When I asked the Lord what this is about and why there was so much pressure in the air these days. I heard it is the back pressure in the atmosphere building. He again showed me a vision of a dam wall with a crack, the pressure then turns the crack into a hole, then pieces start breaking free, then the back pressure builds until the whole dam wall collapses.

The Lord was showing me that the dam was never suppose to be built in this place, it was meant to be a free flowing river of blessing. The enemy built this dam to hold back the blessings of the Lord from ever reaching us, but the Lord is shaking this wall to its very foundation. The enemy has held these blessings too long in reserve, the back pressure of the weight of blessing that is coming our way is back building and wreaking havoc on the very wall standing between us and the blessing on the other side of that wall.

The Lord reminded me that He is shaking things up in this day. Things may look like a mess when He shakes them up, but it is the way that the Lord will expose things that have been done by the unrighteous to hinder or prevent His children from receiving their FULL inheritance. The Lord reminded me that this week on 4/18/17 was the 111th year anniversary of the Great Earthquake of 1906 in California. There are tons of examples of the Prophetic meaning of the number 111, but the most commonly used is the Synchronicity between Heaven and Earth. I believe it is the invasion of Heaven into our earthly lives for the return of the blessing that was stolen from us and from our ancestors before us. I feel the Lord is saying that there is a Great Shake up to Wake Up those still asleep to what is going on today, and to expose things that have been done wrongly. I feel the excitement of Heaven getting ready for the fulfillment of the Generation that the Lord has called up to the frontlines to receive their restored glory and honor, to God be the Glory.

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