There is a Geyser of Blessing Coming

By Maili Super

Child, you are a mouthpiece, this is the whole reason your enemy has tried to quiet your voice so often. My Prophets are all my mouth pieces, I will speak into them, and they voice what they hear unto the world. This is the real reason that he has tried to silence you, to hold you back and to shut you down. You hear Me much clearer than you think you do, trust Me, much better than most of the world hears My Voice. You also have great discernment, even though the enemy has stood back in his corner and shouted at you that you did not feel what you KNEW you felt. A prophet is often times the first one that will see a snake in the room, and the others will laugh claiming there is no snake. I have given you such a sensitive spirit that you know and can sense changes in the environment and in the air. Even if you do not know exactly what you are feeling or why you are feeling it. You can feel the vibrations deep within the ground bubbling up to the surface like a spring of water coming up from the ground. It starts off as a trickle then as the pressure builds there will be a geyser effect that will happen.

Child You are Mine, I built you a little differently, you stand alone at times, and at times you feel very lonely. Most of my prophets go through this wilderness walk, for it draws them closer to My side. Do not fear what lies ahead for I will take you by the hand and lead you through this dark place and you will learn the pure dependence on Me that comes from this walk. I have great plans for you, beyond what you can imagine. Trust Me in this process for it is a time to grow and to move up in spiritual levels, I am taking you higher than your dreams can carry you.

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