Trust in My Promises


By: Maili Super

I have your situation in the palm of my hand. I know the promises that I have for you and the needs that you have today. I am the hand that will deliver you My Love. Do not be afraid, have I not always come through for you in the past? I am the owner of the cattle on a thousand hills and the hider of the treasures here on earth. I will open things up for you and I will be the keeper of your soul. Do not be dismayed for I am coming on a horse of white to deliver you in your time of need. I am not an Indian giver, and I do not speak words without meaning. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I never give boastful words without backing up my actions. Trust me with all that you have and place everything before my feet and I will return it ALL to you, with interest. This is my nature, I am a giver not a taker. If I have to take something from you it is because it was no good for you. Trust me, and watch what I will do in your situation.

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