Waking Up the Sleeping Giants

By Maili Super

Most of the time when the Lord talks to me about giants, He is referring to them in sinister terms, such as David and Goliath. While I was praying today, I heard the Lord say I AM WAKING Up the sleeping Giants. I questioned the Lord about this and He said that He is breaking off Apathy in people that Needed to Rise UP in this Hour. He said I am doing a New thing what seems to be anger in this hour is the Righteous Indignation Rising UP in MY People. I am rousing the sleeping Giant inside of each of you to stand against the injustices that have come upon you and others around you. I have raised you up as a warrior, NOW you have your cause to fight. You see what has come upon the weak and the frail people as they have no fight left in their bodies. I have Called you and Equipped you to stand in the gap for those that do not have a voice to speak for themselves.

The Lord says: You have been given boldness, and a voice that will shout at the enemy when you see these things happening both to yourself and on behalf of another. I know you have taken the fall for others and that you have been beaten and bruised, BUT NOW You will bruise the head of the Enemy standing before you. You may not realize it Yet, but I created you like your ancestors before you David, Moses, Joseph, Esther, Naomi, and Daniel. They also did not realize that I had made them differently, but I use them as an example of one man/woman being used to change the course of the world.

You MY Children are NO Different then these. Do you not think that they were afraid when faced with their giants? Of course, they were they were trembling in their time in the wilderness. What got these Prophets through this experiences was their extreme faith in ME, Knowing that I am NOT a man that I would Never Lie to them. To My Prophets, I tell you I am, in this hour, Raising up an Army of TRUE Lovers of MY Light. I am setting a standard, so that the Enemy May NOT Touch MY Chosen People. I say I am causing you to come forth out of your caves. I say NO Weapon formed against you shall prosper, and any hand that raises against you I will smite.

Children, believe me when I say the giant that I am raising up in this hour is YOU!!! Do not look around for another to take your place. For It is YOU, I have chosen for this mighty task at hand. It is You, I have equipped in your time of hiding. For it is YOU I have created differently. Child, I know you do not see yourself as a warrior, many that have gone on before you did not think so either. WATCH MY Love, WATCH and see how well I have trained you. For you will put Thousands to Flight. Others will come out of the cave behind you, because YOU are the forerunner. You are the Pace setter. You are my beloved, your prayers will be the very reason your family and friends are saved from the gates of Hell. STAND UP Child for YOUR Prayers are the VERY thing that will Break the door down for ALL to enter.

Ephesians 5:14 This is why it is said: “Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”

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