Watch While I Activate your Hands

By Maili Super

Child, you are a healer this is the reason the enemy has tried to hold you down with infirmity. This is his oldest tactic, he will hold you down in the fear of dealing with infirmity with your own body or in the body of someone close so that you feel bound up. I say reach those hand out and start to touch people anoint their heads with oil. It may not happen the first time every time, but you will see the more that you do this the easier it gets. It will start to break down the bondage that is wrapped up in this infirmity. Little by little step by step you will hold these people in your hand and they will start to heal. Just watch, I will do a mighty work through you and through your hands. Child, start to repent for sins over your blood line and these things will start to fall off as they will have no more hold over you or your family any longer. You will be made whole my Love, I never intended you to be held in the bondage of depression, I am shining my light over areas in your heart that have been injured and wounded and this depression spirit will have NO MORE hold on you. Remember I say you are a chosen vessel a mighty priesthood and a Holy Nation. Hear My battle cry as I roar over you and your family, bringing all into wholeness.

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