Well Oiled Feathers

By Annie Borger (An Omi)

Put the trumpet to your mouth.
Beloved do not stay quiet, do not be silenced.
Give out my Words of comfort, Love, and encouragement.

Revelation 21:4 ” He will wipe all tears from their eyes, and there will be no more death, suffering, crying, or pain. These things of the past are gone forever.

God said He will command his angels to protect you wherever you go. They will carry you in their arms, and you won’t hurt your feet on the stones.

After your season of suffering, God in all His Grace will restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

His promises to you:

to bring you back to His perfect, original design.
To strenghten you to overcome your problems.
To make you stable and firm and to make sure you won’t fall.
To make you unmovable and steadfast no matter what the devil will do in your life.

Keep you lamp filled with oil, in that way you will keep your “feathers” well oiled and the “water” of criticism and hurt will run off you as from a ducks back.

Scriptural references:  1 Peter 5:10 and Psalm 91:11-13

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