Which Mask are You Wearing?

By Maili Super

The Lord has been highlighting to me that most people are wearing a mask of some kind. It is almost as though we all walk around as if going to a Masquerade party. These masks become part of us they hide the pain of the past. They are the prideful look of the haughty, and the look of disdain from the rich man that has no compassion on the poor. The painting on smile from the person that that is sitting in a room full of people but YET Still feels alone. The smile plastered on the face of the mother that lost that child or the widow after loosing her husband of 50 years.
We hold on to our masks carefully they have become a part of our identity often times even starting from and forming throughout childhood pain or trauma. They serve us as way to shield us from certain things we hide away from the world those areas of trauma that we hold locked up in the closet of pain in your heart.
When you allow the Lord to start accessing these areas He will start to remove these masks, we have held them so tightly that often time it hurts to have even the wind touch these areas. We have allowed the mask to actually fuse to our skin much like in the movie the mask the longer he wore the mark the more the mask took over and became a part of him. When the mask is removed underneath revealing all of the areas of wounding that we have tried to hide, but the Lord see through these masks and He knows the root reasons of Why we do the things that we do and have done in our lives.
The Lord wants access to all of these areas so that He may blow His wind over them healing each area and releasing you of your bondage that is trying to entrap you in despair, hopelessness, unforgiveness, anxiety, or anger. These this are just the symptom of a much deeper issue, and the Father wants to release us from anything that may hinder us in any way from moving forward, in abundance. He wishing that the captives be set free. Jesus paid the ultimate price for us 2000 years ago on a lonely cross in Calvary. The perfect Lamb of God laid down his life so we could be free of the bondage that the enemy tries to hold you into. He is a good Father that he has given us the answer long before we were even around to ask for it.

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