By Tiffany Bretana

“Prize wisdom and exalt her, and she will exalt you; She will honor you if you embrace her.                              Proverbs 4:8 

Did you recognize her when she was in your presence? Did you cast her away because she came in the form of a woman, or another? Or because she didn’t seemed as seasoned as you, when He the Lord has said childlike faith is required? Or her stature was not as great as your title, or in your own eyes?  

There are many in the body who need to catch this, some as a warning, some as edification. The Lord says He gives wisdom liberally without hesitation. He didn’t give a distinction of what that vessel would look like: older, younger, male, nor female. The Lord has been made to be our wisdom. Look how he dealt with those in the Bible. Before you touch someone with your judgments be very careful before you cast it. 

I give this story as a testimony, an evidence, and not a general rule. I became acquainted with a gentleman. I did not follow my lack of peace because I thought I was just being fearful and I did not want to let fear rule my life. So I allowed him to communicate with me via messenger. He seem quite impressive. And honestly, He seemed to line up with a prophetic word I had received of a divine global connection. Until, later on, when he kept speaking about how his call as a prophet of the nations was different then what the word prescribes. The Bible states in 1 Corinthians 14:3-4 But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men. He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself, but he who prophesies edifies the church. He said his call was to bring and cast judgment on leaders of churches. That did not feel creamy to my spirit. And if anybody knows me, I have a perpetual learning spirit. People who want to learn, ask questions. It’s just a part of their nature. We’re teachable. He took it quite offensively when I asked him about what he had declared his call was against what the Bible says, especially in the New Testament. He then would in turn get quite upset and call into question who I was in Christ and my position in the office of the prophet. I told him my intentions quite extensively and that is when he apologized. That was occurrence number one. I don’t really remember the second occurrence. But it went along the exact same lines. But the third, will be forever etched in my memory. He started off saying to me I needed to submit to his authority. I was praying in tongues this whole time, and seeking the Father while he was speaking. And I said to him, honestly, I’m sorry I can’t tell you what the Father has not given me to say. He then started to berate me again. And said you better ask God because if you don’t submit to me, you will be cursed for not submitting. Ok, I’ll be honest my heart was pounding out of my chest. I didn’t want to be cursed if I was to submit. But the Father didn’t say anything to me to tell him. So I had to say once again, I’m sorry but I can’t tell you what the Father has not given me to say to you. He was livid, continuing to speak other things to me. He hangs up on me.

My prayer before the Father. Heavenly Father, if I’ve done wrong let me know that I may immediately repent and apologize. I asked the Father for wisdom in this matter. 

The Father told me that this man was being a Saul like with David. Then He also reminded me that even Saul was anointed of God. I said to the Heavenly Father, Saul was your anointed and David did not touch him, so I choose out of my will to forgive, release, and bless him. Heavenly Father please deliver him from this as I do not want him to touch or hurt another with his words or actions. Continued on with declarations, binding, and breaking his word curses over me. 

Next, the Father gives me a vision, He shows me that He the Heavenly Father has just removed this man’s mantle and placed it onto me. I start crying because it is and was not my intention to take anything away from anyone. I just wanted the Heavenly Father to speak to him and deal with him, just as any child would want their Daddy to do with their sibling when they’re mistreating them. But what shocked me was how a matter of factly the Holy Spirit wanted me to deal with this man. He told me to ask him, so how is the supernatural weight loss going? I sent him a text, and I said this may not be a great time to ask this but the Father wants me to ask you how is the supernatural weight loss going? He did not take kindly to me asking, but you always obey your Heavenly Father.

You see, I had prophesied over this man many times some really awesome and great things that the Father spoke through me. On one occasion, the Father revealed to me that his Facebook profile picture was hindering him from finding his desired wife. The Holy Spirit revealed that the profile picture was of him on his wedding day of his previous marriage. He changes the pic. I thought that was that. Oh boy, the Holy Spirit says tell me to tell him that the picture he has changed it to is not a true depiction of who he is now and that if he wants to have supernatural weight loss he will have to drop all the condemnation he has received from his ex and his family. If he needed to scream, cry, shout it out to do that but he needed to release and get rid of all the condemnation he had received. 

So at a later date, after the man had lost his mantle in the spiritual realm. He tries to contact me but My Daddy God didn’t raise no dummy. I was not going back for the fourth helping of what he was dishing. But he related to me in text message that he’d drop 15 lbs supernaturally, and was continuing to drop weight. I thanked and praise God for that. 

But the wisdom in this is this, the Holy Spirit in you is your Heavenly Father, the Holy Spirit in your brother or sister is your brother and sister. You always listen to your Heavenly Father. And let’s say if you miss it, the Heavenly Father is gracious enough to reveal what He really said, IF YOU ASK. And He is more than gracious to confirm a word when you need the reassurance. I prefer another source to confirm a word that the Father has spoken to me when I need the reassurance. 

Heavenly Father, increase our discernment, wisdom, and understanding in these last days, that we may do your will on earth as it is heaven. Bring us confirmations where we need them and we’ve missed it, correct us that we may be found in Your will. 

in Jesus’ name! Amen 

Here are some scriptural references:  

1 Kings 13:1-32, Matthew 7:15, & 1 John 4:1 

Author: Tiffany Bretana

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