Word of the Lord for today 11/21/2017

By Tiffany Bretana

The Lord is saying …..

There’s coming forth a breaking out and a raising of the bar. Those who chose to remain pure before the Lord will break out to the left and to the right and are raising the bar for others to follow. Pure apostolic …… where others have made the things of God, a market and a business.

I saw in a vision ….. there was a red carpet that the Lord snaps the ends of it as to clean off the dust off the rug, that is the removal of celebrity status Christianity ….. made sport and market of the things of God. On the Morning Light daily bible study on March 18, 2015 https://www.facebook.com/ProphetsandPersonalProphecy/posts/810856842321149, Russ states that Baal means “dominative father” and that Ashtaroth was the goddess of sexual lust and attraction. These are those that lead others astray from coming into a deep intimate relationship with God, coming as those who have the word and are the solution to all that you have need of, that will solve all your problems and are those that others have put on a pedestal from the culture of celebrity.

The Lord is saying …..

That which you have put on a pedestal has become an idol and I am a jealous God.

Waiting for the opportune time for the revealing …. as I saw in the spirit someone in the shadow with part of their face highlighted waiting for most opportune time for their revealing, The pure ones come forth.

The time is fast approaching ………

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