You are Right On Time

By Maili Super

I know your Heart My love, I formed you in the womb from the inside out. I know the struggles you face daily, before you ever wake up for the day I see you and have gone before you through all you will walk in that day. I have fashioned you after my Son, you will be ALL that I intended you to be. I will go before you and I will smite anyone that chooses to stand in your path, because they were placed there to derail you from WHAT I Intended you to be.

You will go through things you do not understand some days, BUT I will be with you in all you endure. You are NOT AS the World sees you. You are NOT the things that they say you are. I am Changing you into someone that they do not even recognize. You are being Transformed In MY LOVE! People that know you wonder about this Change in you, in your demeanor, in your attitude. HA HA HA Let them WONDER! You will be transformed in a way that they will NOT Even recognize you Because You Look more like Me than your old self.

I love you so much, you are so beautiful in my eyes, I love your heart of worship, your eyes that looking longing to Me in Heaven. By your Hand you will heal the sick and restore them, through the LIGHT that flows through you from Me. By your Hand you will restore people to Full spiritual health because of the Love that flows from MY heart through you. By your HAND you will take charge of the captives and set them free, with the Keys of the House of David, I will give to you. You are NOT What they see, My Daughter. You are NOT what they see because THEY have No idea the Capability and Capacity that I can work, people would like to place me in a box and restrict me, but Not you My Love.

You will praise and worship and not care how anyone feels about these things, I am so proud of you for rising above the opinions of the world, that has zero ability to help you, assist you, or more you forward. Your Life is a demonstration for all watch and waiting to see MY MIGHTY hand flow through you. You have an audience of people watching if your fail or succeed, I tell you the TRUTH you will Not only succeed but will surpass the expectations of those watching you move with me. You have paid the price for this Mantel in tears and willingness to be broken before me. I will cause you to go farther than you ever expected, So HOLD ON the ride is about to start! It has twists and turns but you will end up in the right place at the right time, For My Glory. For this is the Will of My Father.

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