You Hear MY Voice

By Maili Super

Child, you hear MY voice clearly. If you were out of My will I would have told you so, I do not need to send someone your direction to tell you anything, when you hear my voice clearly. If you were in the wrong place, I would have corrected you, Myself. You have heard the promises I have for you, but it was just not the season for those things to come pass yet. Do not fear, My child you have not been left out or forgotten. Keep following my leading and I will show you the path I will have you walk on until it is time for my promises in your life. Trust Me, child I have BIG things for your future, your latter days will be greater than your former days ever were. I have held you in my hand until this very day. Every promise that I have for you will be revealed in MY timing. You are in the center of My plan, I will go before you and prepare the way. I will smooth out the rough spots, and straighten out the path so the seeds you plant will grow a great harvest. Child, you have been faithful even until today, when you are faithful with little in private, I will open a great reward you greatly in public. Do not worry about the naysayers for I will deal with them in My own way. Even today My child, I am getting the promises and gifts ready for you. So get ready my child, be expectant, with your hand out to Me as I hand you gift after gift. The world will Not be able to deny my extreme favor over your life, because you are My child that I am well please with, and I love you so very much.

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