Your Beauty is Being Healed

By Maili Super

The Lord showed me a vision the other day of a lady, lets call her Beauty. The Lord showed me this lady, as having a high calling and that she has had a target placed on her back, by the enemy her entire life.

The Lord showed me this lady as a young girl and in her younger years the Lord would whisper in her ear, “Daughter when you are older, I have a BIG job for you to do”. This girl coming from a complete place of poverty, and addiction surrounding her, she had no concept of WHY the Lord would want to use her, not to mention how.

She grew into a teen, her beauty was captivating, but she had a deep hole driven into her heart that was so deep. But she would put on a pretty face, and face the world with courage.

She married and had kids, she did the best she could from coming from the dysfunction that she came out of, but at times she struggled with addiction herself. She was guilt ridden for the wounds of her heart, the enemy never let up upon the lashing that he gave to her.

The enemy tried his best to convince her to end her life. He even took the abuse out on her children, trying to kill them in their younger years. She struggled to make sense of it all, she struggled to hang on to the remnants of her life, that had not been scattered everywhere.

As time when on Beauty looked ok to all that looked into her life, but inside she felt the pain of all she had endured. Beauty would put on a beautiful face and smile, like there was nothing wrong. She had long ago forgotten about the promise from the Lord that she was going to do something great. BUT THE LORD NEVER FORGOT. She was just struggling to make ends meet and to make a safe suitable place for her family.

One day the wounds became too deep, she could not take another step. There was no place for her to run from her pain. She looked up to God wondering where He had gone. She could no longer hide the pain, her face, which had become her safety net to hide from the world, Cracked. Every wound showed through on her face, the scars of her heart were evident to any on looker. She could no longer hide behind her beauty, for her heart had been wrecked.

THIS IS WHERE THE LORD MET HER. The Lord came to her in such a gentle way promising her BEAUTY for her ASHES that she held. He promised to make her without wrinkle, flaw, or blemish. He told her that He was healing her from the inside. Those wounds that she had been holding like a badge, she surrendered. She had not known love like this in her life before. The Lord wooed Beauty back into life.

The enemy had hit her so many times because the Lord had placed a high call upon her, and the Lord was now Showing her that there was a purpose in the pain that she faced. She had a beautiful, compassionate heart and the Lord was going to use every bit of that pain that she had endured, to help others.

As the Lord was healing her heart He would show her what her calling was about, she had been attacked and judged so harshly not because she had done something wrong but because she was called to be a Prophet. She was so shocked, she could not fathom what she had to offer to anyone else, BUT God knew what He was doing when He called her. He NEVER forgot the calling He had placed upon her, He NEVER once thought she was too wounded, to heal her of her pain.

The enemy had beat her up so badly to hold her in submission, BUT this bondage was falling off of her. The more she left that pain at the foot of the cross, the more the wounds fell to the ground, without consequence. The enemy, was losing the battle to hold her down, the unfailing LOVE of the Lord was shattering and removing the pain that had taken the enemy years to put into place, in seconds.

The Lord is saying through that there is NO Place that you can run far enough to get away from the Love of the Lord. There is nothing that you could do to make Him not have love for you. The wounds of your heart can’t be too deep that the Lord can not heal them. The Lord Loves you more than you could possibly know and if you can relate with this story KNOW the Lord has called you to a HIGH place. He is wooing you into His Love, and His Love is ALL Encompassing. His will for you is LIFE and that more abundantly. The healing is available Just Ask me, I know, because This is MY Life I am Beauty!

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